Plant response to microgravity

Micro-gravity environments have an altered convective mixing of gases.

How would you water your plants in microgravity? How would you ensure they got enough CO2 and oxygen to their leaves? How would you get enough oxygen to the roots? What direction would the roots grow? What direction would the shoots grow? What can the genetic response of seedlings and stem cells tell us about life's response to spaceflight? Educational resources designed to help class of students understand the International Space Station produced by VHS education.

GLDS-37 example analysis as part of the NASA GeneLab

This example dashboard shows the genetic response of plants to the spaceflight environment that have been processed by the NASA GeneLab consortium.

This application is designed to help the user explore the genetics response to spaceflight by linking transcriptional data to biological functional descriptions via Gene Ontology descriptions about the subcellular site and which parts of the plants' reactome might be involved. Scroll down to see the genetic response to spaceflight, select genes that respond to spaceflight and then explore their annotation.

Note: The "Go to" buttons are disabled (the full GeneLab AstroBiology database is available here).