AstroBiology Engineering Course

The Gilroy Collaboratory Educational Experience

Below are a range of different educational and research tools along with video's and animations putting them in a AstroBiology context.

This educational program is still under development and we welcome collaborators.

Answer this AstroBotany questionnaire and become a member of our distributed research team!

It contains a range of different educational and research related questions that will help you develop the critical skills required to become a AstroBiologist.

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Biological questions considered by astrobotanists

  • How do you imagine the environment influences biology at molecular level?

  • How do you imagine gene expression changes might affect cellular function?

  • How might cells communicate with each other over long distances?

  • Explore this (or any other) 3D model of a cell, find your favorite organelle (Mitochondria, plastids, ER, etc. ) and take a photo(s) of it.

  • Use the button below to launch ImageJ and then try to measure the size of your organelle.