TOAST 4.5 AstroBotany

TOAST: Test Of Arabidopsis Space Transcriptome

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1. The first tab provides an video introducing the NASA GeneLab program.

2. The second video describing how to send an experiment to space.

3. The GeneLab metadata exploration tab then allows you to explore and filter the meta-data associated with GeneLab AstroBotany experiments.

4.  Activate significance threshold filters to select groups of genes and observe the Genome Ontology (GO) Biological processes, GO cellular site, GO molecular function or KEGG biochemical pathways they are involved with.

Detailed tutorials and experimental protocols found @

Genetic Network Analysis

We recommend STRING, SHINY GO, Knetminer and for plants the BAR resources to further statically investigate and visualize the genetic networks identified in TOAST.

To compare lists of genes found in the different studies we also recommend this app for making Venn Diagrams.

Collaborate with the Gilroy AstroBiology lab by complete this AstroBotany Class Work Sheet. You can even share what you discover so our community can help you interrupt the data.  

Right: Example Network diagram produced showing links between spaceflight response genes based on the NCBI literature, protein sequence, co-expression and functional prediction made using gene identified in TOAST and visualized using Knetminer.

Network showing bioinformatic links realted to Calcium signaling