Space MicroGreen Challenge

Space MicroGreen Research Collaborative

AIRI Stage 1

AIRI level 1 goal: Work with your local community to grow microgreens. Document how you grow your microgreen, using scientific photography, share photo's linked to meta-data to help students, teachers and scientists measure the size of the plants in the photos. If you've never grown microgreens before then you could start with a Hamama "Just add water" kit. I also use left over take away trays and soil from my garden. More info' and methods below...

AIRI Stage I Microgreen Data Question/Epicollect 5 Protocol

Epicollect Data Collection Questions:

The following are the data specific questions that users will upload to Epicollect

  • What kind of microgreen did you plant?

  • What was the planting day?

  • How many days after planting were seedlings visible?

  • What growth method was utilized?

    • Soil

    • Hydroponics

    • Growth Media

    • Other ____________

  • Describe what kind of lighting was utilized?

  • How many hours a day did the plants received light? (answer between 0-24)

  • Describe the quantity and frequency of watering.

  • Location and Elevation

  • Day 4 height in cm

  • Day 4 leaf area (optional)

  • Day 4 general observations

  • Day 8 height in cm

  • Day 8 leaf area (optional)

  • Day 8 general observations

  • Day 12 height in cm

  • Day 12 leaf area (optional)

  • Day 12 general observations

  • What is the total edible biomass weight in grams?

  • Day 4 Canopy Photo

  • Day 8 Canopy Photo

  • Day 12 Canopy Photo

  • Any additional comments or observations

Uploading Data and Photographs on Epicollect

Instructions and images from the Epicollect website outlining how to ensure that data is properly entered and saved will be copied into the AIRI document and any other accompanying documents.

Measuring Height Protocol:

  • Place ruler at soil level

  • Using a second ruler (this can also be a pencil, firm cardboard) find the highest point of the plant in the microgreen tray.

  • Record measurement in cm in the provided data collecting spreadsheet template

Purpose: Define data collection questions to be used in stage 1 of the AIRI microgreens program in conjunction with Epicollect 5.

Outline Data collection expectations and formats.

Data Points

Participants of AIRI Program 1 Stage 1 are to keep a separate science journal, digital or paper, with the following data points collected on the 4th, 8th, and 12th day after planting. Specimen photos are to be taken during all observation days as well.

  • Overall height in cm

    • Leaf area as well if utilizing EASY LEAF AREA application

  • General observations

  • Edible biomass (on the 12th day after planting

  • Canopy photo of growth tray from 45cm away with ruler and red scale included within the shot

Complete list of data points to document prior to entering data in Epicollect:

  • Date planted

  • What is the weight in grams of the total amount of seeds planed

  • How many days after planting where seedlings visible

  • Plant type

  • Growing Method (soil, media, hydroponic)

  • Lighting Type

  • Photo Period

  • Elevation

  • Ambient temperature

  • Specimen height

  • Leaf Area (Optional depending on program application)

  • General Observations

    • Participants should record observations regarding all data points collected as well as qualitative records regarding the following points:

      • Rate of growth

      • General plant health

      • Growth distribution within a given growing tray

      • Plant coloration

  • Edible biomass weight (in g)

  • Canopy Photos

Photographing Microgreens Protocol:

  • Print and glue red square scale onto white cardboard or paper

  • Place red scale next to and at the same height microgreen tray

  • Photograph the tray at a distance of 45cm from the top of the tray

  • Upload and label photographs with Plant Name, Date, and Time

  • Do this on the 4th, 8th, and 12th day after planting