Above: video demonstrating how to use the Rad-Bio-App to identify data for further analysis.  

Disclaimer: Absorbed doses are in water based on standard conversion from dose in silicon.

Doses include approximate dose received on launch vehicle before transfer to the ISS.  Since there was no dosimetry on the launch vehicle, dose is approximated based on average values in the US Lab. 

Doses are from preliminary analysis of data from  instruments on the International Space Station, analyzed by subject matter experts from the Space Radiation Analysis Group (SRAG), NASA-JSC ( 

For more detailed data, contact SRAG, through GeneLab (

“As this app relies upon these preliminary analyses by members of the SRAG deposited and curated at GeneLab website, use of the data is subject to the following requirements:”

• Data for internal NASA use or for use by NASA-funded or outside investigators are to be obtained directly from the GLDS (

• Use of the data in publications or presentations shall require: 

     – Consultation with SRAG for data integrity and interpretation.

     – Acknowledgement of one or more subject matter experts from SRAG.