The "Matrix" Meta-data

Goal: Can you identify connections between different "GLDS" accessions based on similar or distinctly different meta-data factors or parameters?

Below: This app contains the meta-data acquired from NASA GeneLab API.

A truly global collaboration with more data being added every day.

NASA Gene Lab is a program that seaks to connect the global life science community to the latest and greatest space-life science data. The mission is to explore the wealth of data that has been generated by experiments in low earth orbit (LEO) on the international space station, during the space shuttle flights and in experiments performed in other vehicles capable of space flight developed by the global community. NASA gene lab have coordinating the collection of data and samples from across the various NASA research centers. These data involved all the major model organism and use a range of modern 'Omics methods to examine how life responds to the stresses associated with spaceflight and living in alien built environments. Meta-data has been collected and manually curated in order to identify links between experiments that investigate similar factors, organism or assay types.   

More information found at NASA GeneLab

There are many different species in the GeneLab open science archive 

We have been exploring the linkage of genes across species based on the ensemble ontology database. The slides below illustrate some of our research ideas and methods. 

TOAST KINDOM October 2019