microbiome detective

Welcome to the ISS microbial treasure hunt!

Become a microbial detective on the International Space Station (ISS) by completing the following tasks using the NASA interplanetry protection teams microbiome data. There is no specific order to complete the tasks. If you are in a class or with a group of peoples you can work together. Scroll down to find the data sharing system, the 3D models of the space station and the teachers guide (Scroll to bottom for teacher guide).

Use the data in MANGO and scientific reasoning to identify microbes of interest on the ISS, below is the start of this community effort to collaboratively explore the ISS microbiome. This MANGO Epicollect5 citizen science data sharing classroom project is the start of a new Space Biology Education collaboration.

Mission Task

Find a location on the ISS where you might find interesting microbial populations

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