TOAST tutorial &  MetaData Analysis

TOAST links AstroBotany experiments into a interactive relation data exploration ecosystem

The TOAST meta-data app is now loading below (scroll down).

This meta-data exploration tool is designed to allow you to examine the curated meta-data associated with the spaceflight related experiment. Examine the different factors that may contribute to the gene expression patterns presented in TOAST4.5. We have used the NASA GeneLab recorded factors as guides then mined the literature and interview the scientists who executed the experiments in order to find links between the experiments with the GeneLab repository. 

Diagram showing how TOAST combines multiple databases

Below: Slide show introducing the TOAST database structure

TOAST Tutorial Slides October 2019

Below: Meme video,  summary slide show, interactive GeneLab Plant meta-data exploration application and link to What's your favorite AstroBotany gene survey.

Picture of a tomato plant growing out of a astronaut helmet

The TOAST data mining collaboration allows students, teachers and researchers to share their insights with each other.